The 2022-2023 Embedding Evaluation cohort will consist of staff working in North and South Carolina public libraries.* North and South Carolina public library staff interested in participating in this opportunity must apply as a team of two to four people who all work in the same library. Teams need to include:

  1. One staff member who leads evaluation work or leads the evaluation team for their library (referred to as the evaluation coordinator).
  2. One person who supervises the evaluation coordinator. Supervisors are essential members of Embedding Evaluation teams so that they can learn how to develop evaluation priorities and plans, structure and support evaluation coordinator positions and teams, and cultivate buy-in for evaluation among library administration and staff. If the evaluation coordinator is the library director, no supervisor team member is needed.
  3. Up to two additional staff who serve as members of the library’s evaluation team or are involved in the library’s evaluation activities.

At least one team member must have previous education and/or experience in evaluation, assessment, or research methods, such as:

  • Completion of a RIPL national, regional, or pre-conference event** or
  • Equivalent education and/or experience, such as:
    • Undergraduate- or graduate-level course in these subjects;
    • Participation in a continuing education event similar to RIPL; or
    • Experience conducting evaluation in current or previous position.

Please contact if you have questions about what counts as equivalent education and/or experience in evaluation.

*Interested in getting information about future Embedding Evaluation cohorts in other states and regions? Contact

**RIPL is an intensive, in-person training event that covers evaluation topics including outcome-based evaluation, assessing community needs, techniques for tracking and analyzing public library data, and using these data for planning, management, and demonstrating the library’s impact using visualization and storytelling.