Embedding Evaluation in Libraries: Developing Internal Evaluators is a team-based training and coaching program for public library staff. Over 9 months, participants build their evaluation knowledge and skills, embed evaluation in their libraries, and develop a network of like-minded peers.

Embedding Evaluation has been awarded funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to support three regional cohorts of public libraries:

2019-2020       California

2021-2022       Colorado

           2022-2023       North and South Carolina

Participants in each Embedding Evaluation cohort learn how to:

  • develop sustainable and realistic evaluation activities in public libraries
  • identify the most relevant questions to ask about the impact, quality, and relevance of library services
  • collect, analyze, and interpret data to answer their evaluation questions
  • use evaluation findings to make decisions, increase impact, and demonstrate library value

Embedding Evaluation is also creating a library of short videos about foundational evaluation concepts, Library Evaluation 101, and related resources that are freely available to libraries nationwide.

To learn more about joining an Embedding Evaluation cohort, review the Information for Potential Applicants section of this website or contact info@libraryeval.org for information about future cohorts in your state or region.