Describe the library program or service: The Broomfield Library  partners with school liaisons, local non-profits, other city departments, and apartment managers to plan and deliver regular outreach programs.This fall, library staff will be focusing visits on particular neighborhoods and apartment complexes that house those who have historically been underserved by city and community services.

Identify its target audience: The target audience for library community outreach visits is underserved community members of all ages as well as community partners serving the same focus groups.

Identify the goals of the program or service: The goal of library outreach visits is relationship building between community organizations, library staff, and the patrons served.

Explain why the team selected this particular program or service as the subject of the evaluation project: The Broomfield Library has increased the amount of resources devoted to outreach over the past year and we are passionate about providing meaningful services and opportunities for the community through relationship-building. We see the project as an opportunity to evaluate outreach programs and the impact they have on small communities throughout Broomfield.